Thursday, May 22, 2014

The cool's day every

This week was cool because on Thursday in the morning my nana gives me some shoe’s because my brother could not fit them because has feet were too small and my feet was get right for me. Once I got the shoe’s on I fear I was on a cloud because it was soooo light and I went to school with them. My friend's side that, is so cool shoe’s you got and they are blue
shoe’s too.

Once the ball ring room 22 went inside and sit down for some reading. For reading we done Reading Eggspress and it look cool we can go to the mall, Gym, Library and the Stadium. The mall one you can go and buy with gold egg, pet you can get dress up and change or face or clothes. The gym one you can win money of gold egg, you have to do all shoes of different activity that involves something to do with reading like reading a book that you can answer a question and you win gold egg. For the Library you can read all different caed of book’s like maths, Art, Plants, Animals, Space, Earth Science, Science, Ocean, Fantasy and Adventure, the book I read are Math and Art. The stadium is a reading activity too because when you click running or something else you would have to answer the question to win a gold egg like 30 eggs.

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