Monday, May 19, 2014

Sound explanation template

Sound is a vibration that travel through the air. Sound is a vibrates of movement for an example the buzzing of the bee because the movement of the wing vibrating and it vibrates hundreds of times a second or when you get a ruler it vibrates because when you flick the end of it the ruler it makes sound because it go back and forth.

Sound starts from when a material or any other object vibrates. When the material is hit it begins to vibrate and when it vibrate it make sound waves. The vibration go to the outer ear then into inner the inner transforms the sound waves, sound waves  have some single and it goes to your brain. for example when your going out hunting and you find a wild animal and you try to make no noise and you step on a stick and the animal realises that something seems wrong and they run away, they know that something is near because the sound waves goes everywhere and they heard the stick break so that gives them a signal to their brain that something is going to happen. We have different types of sound like the car doon, the home pomen, people talk, typing on my netbook        

What will it be like if there is no sound? will that mean when you are shooting the cardoon you can not hear the sound For example, the cups experiment. You had to find three different types of strings and test out which string would be best of use to be able to hear the other person's voice from your cup and the string that woke was the tin string.

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