Friday, August 29, 2014


Today I saw this bird and I wonder what are some of the birds and l look on google that they are different bird. Bird are an two legged creature with wings,Feathers and a beak. All birds can be grouped according to their characteristics and behaviour into 23 order or types. Here is a list of the bird names that I know.  
1. Short- eared Owl
2. Whooping crane
3. Turtle dove
4. Sparkling violet-eared hummingbird
5. Hoopoe
6. Ostrich
7.Spotted tina mod
8. Mallee fowl
9. Red grouse
10. Canada goose
11. White-backed mousebird
12. Red and yellow barbet
13. Indian hornbill
14. Orange Chat
15.Greater roadrunner

16. Sooty-Capped-Puffbird
17. Swift


  1. Wow, there are so many types of unique birds aren't there. Keep up the learning at home Shanika :)

  2. Shanika, you know way more bird names than I do! My absolute favorite type of birds are hummingbirds. My grandmother and I sit on her patio and watch her hummingbirds all the time. She used to tell my sister and I that we were a lot like hummingbirds, quick and quiet. I love that you put a picture of a bird and how you centered the text.