Monday, October 29, 2012

The pool

On Sunday I went to the pools. My whole family went down to the pools because it was hot. Once we got in the pool we  played a game. The game was who can find my hair tie in the pool. Taiaha was the first one to throw the hair tie. Once he threw it we went to get it. Dad was the first one to get it. After the game it was time to go home to my Nan’s home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In the morning on a beautiful sunny day dad said, “Let’s go fishing.” At 9:30 me, Taiaha and Dad went to get the boat and the fishing rods. We went to Pt England beach. We went in the middle of the harbour. We got the fishing rods. ’’I got a big fish’’ said Taiaha. My Dad got 7 fish I got 2 fish and Taiaha got 2 fish too. It was time to go home. We took the fish with us. When we got home my nana cooked the fish. I liked it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The pool in G.I

On Sunday I went to the pool with my Dad, Nancy, Taiaha, Trinity and Kahurangi. We walked down to the pool. Once we got to the pool my Dad gave me and Taiaha my card to scan the card. Nancy moneyed for Trinity and Kahurangi. It was time, TO POT IN THE POOL’S!! We all had fun playing in the pool. Dad and Nancy was swimming. It was time to go home I like the pool’s. Do you like the pool’s.