Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympics day

On Tuesday Pt England school had a Olympic’s day. Miss Garden gave me a country my country was Romania, Jonathan was in Romania too. The flag of Romania is red, blue and yellow. On the day of olympics we had a sports it was fun.

The first games we did was basketball. The teacher was Mr Barks was the basketball teacher. They was a 11 people in my team we had to split up into two team. The rules are you only have 5 people in your team, sadya wanted to stayed on the side because she doesn't like playing basketball. It was the end of basketball we said to Mr Barks see you later in the afternoon.

The last games we play was rounders. The teacher was Miss Garden and she was my teacher in Room Seventeen. In the Rounders we played Argentina the rules where if you kick it to the side you are out. Argentina was the first one to kick the ball. After Argentina it was our team now. We kick it over to the other side. It was the end of the game.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The little mouse

The little mouse
The mouse stirred in his hole. Was it time to wake up from his long winter sleep yet? He poked his nose out of the hole.

When he got out of the hole he could smell some boysenberries. He had to be careful because some people might kill him. He looked left and right when he was running  across the path to get to the boysenberries. After that he got two boysenberries and ran back to his hole and he ate it. But he was still hungry he went back to get some raspberries and ran across the path. He got three raspberries to eat and he went back to sleep.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meals for the Brain and Body

Today in Mrs Slade Literacy group we had breakfast. I had Weetbix I crunched my weetbix then I had to put the hot water on my weetbix. I put 2 spoon of sugar into my weetbix. I put milk on to the weetbix and I put banana and yoghurt on too. It tasted yummy and delicious. I was laughing and happy. It was time to have milo to drink. I had to put milo into my cup and sugar too. Mrs Tepania put milk into my cold milo because I put too much in but I still liked it.  It was yummy and delicious too.

Today we made lunch. For lunch we had 

on it. It looked like a shared lunch. I liked it.

sandwiches and we had two each. I put butter, lettuce, tomato, carrot, ham and cheese on my bread. It looked nice and yummy. I wanted to eat it.Next I made a another sandwich. It had lettuce, tomato and cheese on it. I wanted to eat it too but it was for lunch. Mrs Slade said that we could have one to eat. I only wanted to have ham and cheese

On Wednesday we made dinner with Mrs Slade, Mrs Tepania and Mr Hutchings. First we had to wash our hands under the tap. Next we went to the kitchen. Mrs Slade put on the lamb. She put oil and rosemary in it. We did the vegetables. Me, Thawara and Moses did one potato each we left the skin on. We washed the potatoes and carrots and cut them. Then we cut the cabbage in half. We had to do it two times. After that we put all the vegetables in the roasting dish and we cooked them. At 12:55 it was time for dinner. I was the first one to eat it. It was yummy and I loved it.