Monday, July 8, 2013

Karate school

There was a boy climbing on a vertical rock face with his muscles aching. He was desperate to get to the dojo on top of the towering mountain. The boy was feeling apprehensive, “I hope I can get in karate school” he said to hem safe.

Once the boy got to the top he was thankful. He knocked on the big dojo door, This man came out and the boy was desperately wanted to get in, but the man pointed right and went back inside. The boy feat desperate that the old man pointed to go home dout he stay.

He sat down by the big door and medita aen sill the next day. The boy open one of his eyes and he didn't hear the door open bout the old man pointed to the right a gene. So the boy went back he was really sad bout on his way he went aeger.

Suddenly he ran back to the karate school and kicked the door open. When he kicked the door open the master was standing at the door. When he kicked the door he was ready to fight the master Then the master pointed to a sign and then the boy look at the sign and then he look in breast.

Little Red Bad Girl

Once a upon a time there was a bad bad girl name Little red bad girl. She didn’t like people telling her what to do, she never listened to her Mum and she was always mean to her brothers and sisters.
One day she was in her room watching T.V when her mum called. So she went downstairs and said “What do you want?”.
“I want you to take this to nana’s house. She is sick and laying in bed” Little red bad girl moaned  “Nah, I don’t want  to.”
“If you take this I’ll let you have anything you want for a week.” her mum replied.
“OK,,” Little Red Bad girl agreed because she was bored at home.  

She took the basket of cookies and went to nana’s house. While little red bad girl was walking down the path she saw a wolf in the trees  The wolf was a good wolf but Little Red Bad girl thought it was a bad wolf. The wolf came out of the trees and came up to little red bad girl but she ran away, scared.

She was running to her Nan house because the wolf was getting her. But the wolf caught up to her and said
“Hello my name is Willie Wolf. I am a good wolf. What is your name?”
“My name is little red bad girl”
She was shocked that the wolf was a good wolf. He just wanted to ask if i could have some cookies, but she said  “No you can’t. It’s for my nana. She is at home in bed sick. That’s why I’m going to take this to her house. Go away you smelly stink, ugly wolf”
“OK,” Willie Wolf replied.

Little Red Bad girl didn’t know that the wolf was BFF with her Nan. So the wolf went to her Nan’s house, and told her what had happened. They decided to teach her a lesson.  
So off Little Red Bad girl went go to Nana's house to take the cookies. Once she got to her Nana house she opened door and went in and into her bedroom and said
“Hi nana it’s me Little red bad girl who want big eyes you got and big feet to”
She recni eye it was the wolf who was in her Nan’s bed. The Willie Wolf said
“Have you been good today” replied.
“NO I’m NANA! said the wolf.
“ OK take the blanket off then.

I'm going to change my name to Little red good girl”