Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Recipes

bacon and egg
You get the Bacon and cook it and some egg and cook it too and when it cook you eat it.

One cup of flour,one cup of milk and one egg and a little butter and mixing it. Cook it and when it cook you eat it.

butter chicken
One chick one source and cook it in the paced when it cook you eat it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


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Last Thursday room 13 went to newt Donna. Donna was fun room 13 was play we Dina the Back and forth, forehand and the shuttle went Dinar then sine. It was fun the Trick one was room 13 din the backhand and forehand too. After the backhand and the forehand room 13 Dina the Trick shot it was like a backhand one. Room 13 like play dinette at was fun room 13 like it. After Dinette room 13 went back to room13.

ma'a Nonu

ma’a Nonu

ma’a Nonu tackled the opposition and was fast as a bullet. Ma’a Nonu play rugby for the all Blacks. Weaving in and out the charging bullwas sidestepping with power.

The haka

The Haka

The all Black did the haka to show the people how to do the haka. The people yell the all black names like ritchi mcaw and someone else. They was lots of people at the stadium. The haka went for long the other team watch the all black. At the end off the haka they start the game.