Monday, June 16, 2014

Solve addition questions

Alphabet addition


My mum calls me Charlie

Referring to the title of the text what do you think the text is about?
I think the text is about the mum how like to call her charlie.
Why was the young girls grandad upset?
Because grandad was getting old to take care of charlie.
Who had grandad rung to take care of the young girl, for what reason had he done this?
Grandad called social welfare because he need someone to take care of him and to keep an I on him.  
Who are the social welfare? What is their role in society?
The social welfare is a support teep to look after people and they go around the world in New Zealand. they take care of Disability assistance, Invalid's Benefit, Sickness Benefit and some family that  do not have food,a home and no one to take care of people.    
Where do you think mum had gone? What do you think is happening in the story?
I think she had gone and lift charlie because she can’t look after him.
The adults were talking all night, what are some of the topics you think they might have been discussing?
I think they were talking about mum taking charlie to north with her.
For what reason do you think they discussed not belonging in Auckland?
They do not belonging in Auckland so charlie had to pack his clothes, toys and book.
Who is Maria, what role does she have in this situation?
Maria is a helpe that take care of people like kids
We know there are people who come to stay in Maria’s house, who are these people?
People that stay at maria huse are kids,that do not have a home or no one to take care of him.

Shanika Kiwi Kids News - W7

Kiwi kids news - Week 7
1. A trust has been launched to over sea an important New Zealand anniversary in 2019. What will New Zealand be celebrating?
a. 150 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
b. 250 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ
c. 350 years since Captain Cook landed in NZ

2. Who did Brazil play in their opening game of the World Cup?
• a. England
• b. Chile
• c. Croatia

3. What caused the Auckland Harbour bridge to be temporarily closed last week?
• a. high winds affecting traffic
• b. repair work
• c. road workers protesting against a wage decrease

4. At which venue is the national Fieldays agricultural show held each year?
• a. Claudelands Showgrounds
b. Mystery Creek
• c. the Hamilton Rose Gardens
5. In which country was the main airport attacked by terrorists?
• a. India
• b. Pakistan
• c. Egypt
6. Why has Dan Carter been in the news recently?
• a. he is returning to NZ rugby
b. he has announced he will be playing for a rugby club in Japan this season
• c. he is planning to switch the position he plays in

7. Why has the head boy at Marlborough Boys College been hailed as a hero?
•a. he dragged a women from a burning house
•b. he has donated a kidney to a fellow student
•c. he helped rescue a girl who was being swept down a swollen river

8. What is the main language spoken on the island of Santorini?
Maniot Greek
9. What is the name of New Zealand’s base in Antarctica that is getting a $3.9 million refurbishment?
• a. Hillary Base
• b. Scott Base
• c. Kiwi Base

10.True or false, after being found guilty of filing a false donations declaration John Banks has resigned as an MP?
11.Why has Wellington’s version of the “Hollywood” sign been given a revamp?
• a. it was damaged in high winds
• b. it has been painted a different colour after motorists complained it was too distracting
• c. the W has been changed to a V to promote a new movie

12.How much money is Kim Dotcom offering as a reward for anyone who can provide information that will help his court case?
• a. $500,000 b. $5 million c. $10 million

13.True or false, Christchurch has announced it will no longer fund the Ellerslie Flower  Show?
14.Why was the Solomon Islands in the news last week?
•a. an outbreak of diarrhoea is creating a health crisis
•b. rioting has broken out at their only prison
•c. John Key has visited and committed an extra $2 million in emergency funding

15.What type of transport is going to be removed from the Wellington streets following a decision by the city council?
• a. skateboards
• b. trolley buses
• c. mobility scooters