Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey guy today I will be telling you about my bast movie in the world is Dadnapped. You mae think it is about a dad that like to take napped will “NO”. Dadnapped is a Disney Channel Original Movie which is made in February 16, 2009. The main character is Melissa Morris is Emily Osment, Wheeze is David Henrie, Neal Morris is George Newbern, Merv is Jason Earles, Trip Zoom is Jonathan Keltz, Andre is Moises Arias and then the last one is Skunk and he is Charles Halford.

So I will be telling you of the story about Dadnapped. So Melissa Morris desperately tries to gain more attention from her always preoccupied father, Neil, a best-selling author . Melissa lives in the shadow of Tripp Zoome , the adventurous and clever hero from her father's popular spy novels. Before a long overdue father-daughter vacation, her father gets kidnapped by Wheeze with his friend, Sheldon , and his brother.

So the girl wonder where did her dad went and so she checked out the camera where her dad went and she said “some kid took him. She ring her dad and it was that wheeze that she meet in the hillway.the tables turn when she must team up with them to find and rescue him from Merv, and brothers Maurice and Skunk  It turns out Merv is just using Skunk and Maurice as part of a plan to get Neil to write one final book and uses his daughter as a hostage. Wheeze, Andre and Sheldon get all of the Trip Zoome fans in town to gather together to rescue Melissa and Neil and they attack when Melissa manages to signal them.

Merv, Maurice and Skunk and they try to run but are stopped by more fans. Merv sneaks out with Neil while Skunk and Maurice go after Melissa who escapes. Melissa defeats them and ties them up. Merv nearly gets away, but Sheldon, who had been trying to find where everyone went, spots him and everyone else. Neil is rescued, but Merv tries to get away.

As he runs, Skunk and Maurice, still tied up, come out and see this and, regretting what they've done, use the floss they're bound in to trip Merv, knocking him down and ending his escape. The police arrest Maurice, Merv and Skunk while Neil thanks his fans. Wheeze gives his number to Melissa before she and her father leave on their trip.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Triangle addition

Commonwealth math problems


1. Celtic Park is one of the stadiums in Glasgow and has a seating capacity of 60,000
If the stadium is 2/3 full, how many people are there? 20,000
If the stadium is 3/4 full, how many people are there? 45,000
If the stadium is full and 52500 people are adults, how many children are there?7500

2. As James left the stadium, the time on his watch was “20:30”.
What time was it? 8:30
When James arrived home, the time on his watch was “21:45”.
How long before midnight was it? 2 hours and 15 minutes

3. What is the next number in the pattern?
1 3 6 10 15
27 26 24 21 17
49 36 25 16 9
1 3 7 15 31 49

4. Place a “•” next to the fractions that are greater than one half.
1/3 ___ 2/3 1/4 ___ 3/4 3/8 ___
5/8 2/5 ___ 3/5 3/7 ___ 5/9
6/10 4/5 2/8 ___ 6/7 4/6

5. The warm up space on a training field is 10m long and 6m wide.
What is the area of the warm up space? 60 m²
What is the perimeter of the warm up space? 34 m9
The training equipment is kept in a box. The dimensions are 2m long, 1m wide and 1m deep.
What is the volume of the equipment box? 4 m³
If the equipment box is 3/4 full, what is the volume of the empty space? 1 m³

6. Cynthia has 8 towels in a bag. 3 towels are red. The rest are blue. What is the
chance if Amy takes a towel from the bag without looking that the towel is blue?
a) 3/8 (three eighths)
b) 4/8 (four eighths)
c) 5/8 (five eighths)
d) 8/8 (eight eighths

7. Hamish is flying home to Glasgow. The flight takes 10 hours. The plane he is on
burns on average 76550 L an hour and travels at an average speed of 750 kph.
How much fuel will the plane use during flight? 765500 L
How far did the plane fly? 7500 km
If the plane left at 9am Monday, what time would Hamish arrive at Glasgow? 7:00pm

8. Alice and her two sisters watched the athletics in the main stadium for the full
three hour session. It started at 14:20.
What time did the session end? 17:20
In total, Alice and her two sisters drank 1.5 L of water every hour while watching
the athletics.
How much water did they each drink during the entire session? 4.5 L
How much water did Alice and her sisters drink in total? 4.5 L

9. The students at Hannah’s school will attend the opening ceremony of the games in Glasgow. There will be 6 buses each carrying 66 students.
How many students from Hannah’s school will attend the opening ceremony?
396 children from hannah’s school.
If 190 of the students are boys, how many are girls? 206
If 3 teachers go, how many students will each teacher supervise? 132
If the principal also attends, what is the total number of people? 400

10. Jock left the hotel in Glasgow and walked 350m north. He then walked 500m
south and stopped before returning to the hotel.
How far away was Jock from his hotel when he stopped? 250m
If Jock walked on average 100m in one minute, how long did it take Jock to walk
back to the hotel from where he stopped?  2 minutes and 30 sec

11. Danielle jumped 1.45m in the high jump competition.
If Suzie jumped 6cm more than Danielle, how high did Suzie jump? 151cm
If Alex jumped 12cm less than Suzie, how high did Alex jump? 139cm
What is the total length of the three jumps? 435

12. 160 people were surveyed about which country they thought would win the
most gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. 25% said England and 50% said
Australia, while 10% said Canada.
How many people surveyed said England would win the most gold medals? 5
How many people surveyed said Australia would win the most gold medals? 80
How many people surveyed said Canada would win the most gold medals? 16

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Plane that got shot donw

Today I will be talking about the Malaysian airline MH 17 that had shot down by Eastern Ukraine. The Malaysian jetliner had went down with 298 people aboard on Thursday, it had shot down while flying over the Ukraine. It was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it disappeared from radar just as it flew over the eastern Ukraine. People are looking for how are responsible who had did this to the people that were on the plane.
Did you how that it was flying at 10,000 metres (33,000 feet), a typical cruising altitude for airliners. It came down at Torrez, near Shakhterskiy, some 40 km (25 miles) from the Russian border. In the plane they was a new zealander that was on the plane and she we go to nz for a Funeral but she had died on the plane when it had got shot down. People are finding out how had did this, some people are think it was the rash but the rash are saying that they didn’t do it.
So they are wondering how had put the boom in and how had pushed the button so the plane can get shot down but the siad they did put the boom in but it was a minsak. So how had push the button? until next time be safe.