Monday, December 16, 2013

Netbook Reflection

This year I have been doing safe on our netbook like doing Maths, Writing and Reading. But sometime we don't do our and get play games. But when the teacher come we quickly go on our Math Whizz and Xtra Math. But I know I need to STOP, THINK, and DO.

Miss king is my teacher and she teach me how to be better at making movie and editing very well. One thing I haven’t learnt from my teacher and that I can do it very well is to find some cool thing that I can do for free time is cool math game and friv. But friv is not working so I get go on cool maths games.

One thing I have learnt from my friend is how to be a feel good draw like how to draw a pack that is deletable with some people. My family like helping me with my homework and if I can’t say a word my family well help me. I like helping the little kids how to draw a rose that his detailed.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born in 18 july 1918. Nelson Mandela we to a school called primary school near village called Qun his teacher couldn’t say Rolihlahla. When he grew up his dad died when he was 9 years old. Nelson Mandela was the one of the greatest men ever known. He was the first black man who wanted to change and make the world a better place.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The giraffes

At was a sunny day in the afternoon , it was lunch time. Mum was setting the table up she was opening the windows so she can let the fey go away and let the coed ary in side. On the table she put corn, meat and milk for the malo.

Oh no! Why are there two giraffes poking their heads through the kitchen windows. They were
eating lunch that was on the table I felt really mad it might been so HUNGRY It must at all the apples on the tree. It was a Mummy giraffe & a baby giraffe.

“Aaaaa I got a Idea” if I get something that the giraffes well eat it meet go away and we can enjoy it. So I got some planet and I hope they go away some. So I put the planet down no the table and I walked away in to kitchen. At 5 
in later the giraffes had gone, gust in time for the family to come.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is my mihimihi

e hoa ma

e te whanau
the family

tenei whare
this house

tenei kura
this school

te koa
the happiness

te aroha
the love


nga mahi

haere mai

I hope this is good for you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Four Shot Movie Storyboard

A girl types in google "Chocolate Milkshake", because she was thirsty. She then reaches in the screen and out comes a chocolate milkshake.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hexagonal Learning

Ana, Shanika and Gloria Hexagonal Learning from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

On Tuesday room 15 his deen doing Hexagonal.
We did it so we can learn in yr 8 then we know what to do for Hexagonal Learning.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Karate school

There was a boy climbing on a vertical rock face with his muscles aching. He was desperate to get to the dojo on top of the towering mountain. The boy was feeling apprehensive, “I hope I can get in karate school” he said to hem safe.

Once the boy got to the top he was thankful. He knocked on the big dojo door, This man came out and the boy was desperately wanted to get in, but the man pointed right and went back inside. The boy feat desperate that the old man pointed to go home dout he stay.

He sat down by the big door and medita aen sill the next day. The boy open one of his eyes and he didn't hear the door open bout the old man pointed to the right a gene. So the boy went back he was really sad bout on his way he went aeger.

Suddenly he ran back to the karate school and kicked the door open. When he kicked the door open the master was standing at the door. When he kicked the door he was ready to fight the master Then the master pointed to a sign and then the boy look at the sign and then he look in breast.

Little Red Bad Girl

Once a upon a time there was a bad bad girl name Little red bad girl. She didn’t like people telling her what to do, she never listened to her Mum and she was always mean to her brothers and sisters.
One day she was in her room watching T.V when her mum called. So she went downstairs and said “What do you want?”.
“I want you to take this to nana’s house. She is sick and laying in bed” Little red bad girl moaned  “Nah, I don’t want  to.”
“If you take this I’ll let you have anything you want for a week.” her mum replied.
“OK,,” Little Red Bad girl agreed because she was bored at home.  

She took the basket of cookies and went to nana’s house. While little red bad girl was walking down the path she saw a wolf in the trees  The wolf was a good wolf but Little Red Bad girl thought it was a bad wolf. The wolf came out of the trees and came up to little red bad girl but she ran away, scared.

She was running to her Nan house because the wolf was getting her. But the wolf caught up to her and said
“Hello my name is Willie Wolf. I am a good wolf. What is your name?”
“My name is little red bad girl”
She was shocked that the wolf was a good wolf. He just wanted to ask if i could have some cookies, but she said  “No you can’t. It’s for my nana. She is at home in bed sick. That’s why I’m going to take this to her house. Go away you smelly stink, ugly wolf”
“OK,” Willie Wolf replied.

Little Red Bad girl didn’t know that the wolf was BFF with her Nan. So the wolf went to her Nan’s house, and told her what had happened. They decided to teach her a lesson.  
So off Little Red Bad girl went go to Nana's house to take the cookies. Once she got to her Nana house she opened door and went in and into her bedroom and said
“Hi nana it’s me Little red bad girl who want big eyes you got and big feet to”
She recni eye it was the wolf who was in her Nan’s bed. The Willie Wolf said
“Have you been good today” replied.
“NO I’m NANA! said the wolf.
“ OK take the blanket off then.

I'm going to change my name to Little red good girl”

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Gill

I feel that the Heart Attack Grill should not come to NZ, because it sells unhealthy, fatty food that can kill you!

The food at The Heart Attack Grill has much more fat in it than other takeaways like KFC or McDonalds. The serving sizes at this restaurant are very large. Hamburgers can be quadruple sized, fries are cooked in lard and are unlimited, milkshakes are full fat and made from butter.

When the people eat too much of their food they can get so fat and then have a heart attack and go to the hospital so then the doctors will have to work harder. But it is also hard because it costs too much money for the government.  

You can argue that maybe The Heat Attack might get heaps of money, from sales of hamburgers in GI and then be able to take some fat out of their food.

I feel that the Heart Attack Grill should not come to NZ, because it sells unhealthy, fatty food that can kill you! So we truly think that it should not open in NZ in GI.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will I am

Will I am and Justin Bieber That power. That power mean? It mean we all have the power to do anything we can do. Will I am life when he was younger. So will i am is going to take it high and higher to be number 1 Pt England and all the they schools in Manaiakalani too. Today at 11:00 pt England school went to the hell because a famous man call will I am was going home but he wanted to live something for all the schools in G.I. He came to Pt England school and some kids came to Pt England school to, he give $100.000 to the Manaiakalani schools.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Shanika's Maths Move

Hello shanika this is a move about Fractions of Numbers I hope you like it and love it too buy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Learning to fly

Once upon a time I wanted to fly like a bird so I can be free.
Everyday I practised flying so my wings would get stronger so I can fly hey.

But one day when I was flying through the forest, I flew in to an unfamiliar tree injuring my left wing.Because of that I didn’t obey my mum and dad, who said that I was not allowed to leave the house while my wing was hurt.

Because of that the little bird could not fly for 9 week. I got very bored and had to stay home while my parents headed fly into the forest.

Until Finally an angel gave me a 2 set of wings + 1 more.
Ever since the little bird has been flying around like I never even lost my wings.
The moral of the story is to try and try and never give up.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dory and Marlin

In the blue warm dark ocean, Marlin sat on a grey green mossy rock. He was sad.

Dory came to Marlin to cheer him up, ’’ Hey Mr Grumpy Gills when life gets you down, you know what to do’’

Marlin replied to Dory’’ I don’t want to know what you do

Just keep swimming ,Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimmingDory sung to Marlin”

Marlin replied to Dory “see I’m gonna get stuck now the song is in my head

Dory said to Marlin “sorry

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The car

On a Sunday morning Kim was tying her hair into a ponytail. She packed up her bags and hopped into the car to go to camp in the woods. Suddenly the car stopped in the middle of the trees. Smoke poured from the engine, Kim hopped out of the car. She ran back home because the car was on fire and she felt like it was going to blow up. While Kim was running home she forgot her bags in the car, and it was dark. Then she got home in the dark and had something to eat at home.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The rope

Today room 15 watched a movie about a woman pulling a rope. It was funny she kicb on pulling the rope and the rope. She pulled the rope 5 or 6 time, it went night and day. Then the rope borek, when the rope borek it said on night. She felt sad so he pulled it but it did not work + the rope fell so she ran a awey.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moment

Helping everyday, doing stuff for each other ,being Kind to one another He gave a Lollipop to a man he gave the Lollipop to a girl + they got married and had kids.