Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Aspiration

This morning all the senior went in the sreet because some people were going to takl about what do you weat to be when you grow up. The three spaekers was Anthony he was a tv entertaner , Plaula he was a Atitnde presnter and Amela she was a Fashisn Desiagner the one I like was Anthony he was on what now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

About my family

Something that I love and dislike about my family

  1. Their look after me when something makes me cry.
  2. Their feed me.
  3. My sisters are annoying sometimes.
  4. Nan make’s my bed when I have no time.
  5. My Nan helps me with my homework sometimes.
  6. My brother is so not cool but he helps me get better at netball.
  7. Amanda helps me with my kapahaka sometime.
  8. I watch my dad do the work at home and my grandad.
  9. Nan gaves me lunch money when I don’t get lunch.

What do you like about your family and dislike about your family?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Manaiakalani film festival

Waking up excitedly knowing it was the Manaiakalani film festival,I quickly opened the curtain and I saw the beautifully sun shining through my window. When I went to my closet to look for my school uniform. Getting ready I walked slow and taking my time knowing that the year 7 & 8’s were going in the middle block because our school is the biggest out of all the Manaiakalani school’s so the year 1 to 6 they went in the first block.

For people that do not know what a film festival is, a film festival is when people make go to a movies to see what people made at home or people making a film for somebody to look at or for someone as a gift. If a school is going to a film festival some class  will make film’s,  also now as Manaiakalani film festival.

The year 7 and 8’s had morning tea at 10:30 and we all had to meet in the street at 11:00 then when the bus got here, there were about 3  buses and we all rushed on the bus to get a good sit at the back go to Sylvia  park I sat next to Paige and Allanah. When the bus started, of we went to Sylvia park and when the bus stop at every light the window were shaking at the back, I put my hand on  the window and it started to shake like I it was a earthquake and when I put my head on it I feet light headed. Going past countdown knowing that we are nelly there I started to jump up and down bit when I jump up and down I was told to sit.
Once the year 7 & 8 got out we all had to rush I but walk because they're your people go to the spots . My hand gripped the railing of the elevator, higher we went towards the over sized for Event Cinemas, I quickly I  rush for the front of the line as I wanted to get a good seat at the back. As I wonder what order our class movie will be played in. Once after everyone was in they seat Mr brett was thinking for everyone people come and he said a preria, then all the light turn off end it was all back then the movie started playing and guess what my class was the first one playing, but first Muamua and Harry was interrogating Our class 3 movie.

So our movie was all about caring for one another and we filmed it in G.I but I don’t what to say it all so here is a link to the Manaiakalani film festival movie and this will show you all the movies that the Manaiakalani school films and there is 12 school in Manaiakalani. In best one was the bowl cut and this is in Pt England so the bowl cut was made by class 4 I loved the part when Ana and Annllz  where say the step by step and when all people in it was cool because all the bowl cuts, all the school was saying it cool too.