Thursday, November 28, 2013

The giraffes

At was a sunny day in the afternoon , it was lunch time. Mum was setting the table up she was opening the windows so she can let the fey go away and let the coed ary in side. On the table she put corn, meat and milk for the malo.

Oh no! Why are there two giraffes poking their heads through the kitchen windows. They were
eating lunch that was on the table I felt really mad it might been so HUNGRY It must at all the apples on the tree. It was a Mummy giraffe & a baby giraffe.

“Aaaaa I got a Idea” if I get something that the giraffes well eat it meet go away and we can enjoy it. So I got some planet and I hope they go away some. So I put the planet down no the table and I walked away in to kitchen. At 5 
in later the giraffes had gone, gust in time for the family to come.

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