Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympics day

On Tuesday Pt England school had a Olympic’s day. Miss Garden gave me a country my country was Romania, Jonathan was in Romania too. The flag of Romania is red, blue and yellow. On the day of olympics we had a sports it was fun.

The first games we did was basketball. The teacher was Mr Barks was the basketball teacher. They was a 11 people in my team we had to split up into two team. The rules are you only have 5 people in your team, sadya wanted to stayed on the side because she doesn't like playing basketball. It was the end of basketball we said to Mr Barks see you later in the afternoon.

The last games we play was rounders. The teacher was Miss Garden and she was my teacher in Room Seventeen. In the Rounders we played Argentina the rules where if you kick it to the side you are out. Argentina was the first one to kick the ball. After Argentina it was our team now. We kick it over to the other side. It was the end of the game.

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