Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aircraft list

Aircraft is a vehicle that can fly. the picture shows a boeing 747-400 aircraft, known as a jumbo jet, because of it enormous size. it can carry up to 500 people and cruises at around 600 miles (965km) per hour. This is a list of the thing that are on the aircraft
1. Flight deck
2.Crew escape hatch
3. Crew’s sleeping area and toilet
4. Anti-collision
5. Upper deck escape door
6. Communications antenna
7. First-class seating
8. Fuselage (main body)
9. Outboard aileron
10. Spoiler cair broke
11. undercarriage bay
12. Light aluminium alloy frame Strengthened
13. Rear galley (kitchen)
14. Air-conditioning duct
15. Economy class Seating
16. Overhead luggage locker
17. Engine Cowling
18. Fuel tanks
19. Engine mounting pyion
20. Undercarriage (main landing gear)
21. Electronic equipment bay
22. Nose landing gear
23. Tyres (filled with nitrogen gas)
24. Toughened glass and plastic windscreen

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