Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Raeleen, Htawara, Taeshell, Faridah, Shanika, Cheyanne.  

Title of experiment: Talking through cups

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out how it works by talking through 2 cups and what string is going to make us hear each other better.

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
I think it the thinnest string is going to work because by looking at the other strings I think we may not be able to listen to each other.

How will we find out?
(Step by step)

1. First  we need to make a hole in both cups with a pin and make sure the whole is tiny so we can hear better.

2. We need to thread the string through the hole and attach it to a ice block stick inside the cup.

3. We need to tie the string around the ice block stick and we’re ready to go.

4. Pull the string tight so you can hear your partner.

What actually happened?
1. We were able to hear through the thin string. it was alright but could’ve  been better.
2. On the rope string it was much better then our first string, we could hear each other very clearly.
3. Our last string was the  loudest string because we were able to hear each other and it was a bit louder than the 2nd string. Overall it was good.

What did we learn? We learnt that using cups as telephones actually do work.

We learnt the thinner the string the better you can hear you partner and the louder you can hear them.

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