Monday, May 26, 2014


Echolocation is Just like echoes in a large empty room , like in a cave, if it is big and you say Echoes it copy what you are saying so it go like this Echo Echo Echo. Bats move across to vocal chords just like people do when they speak or yell. They are different animals that use this, it is Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, Bats and Rats. Bats make sound come out of the month and sometime it come out of the noses.    

Echolocation starts from when the bat fly but to fly around and hunt for insects in the dark, they use a remarkable called echolocation. When an animal makes a noise the bats can hear because sound waves help the bat to find insects to eta. For an explan if they is a tree the bat makes a echo that is sound waves and the tree makes sound waves so the bat know that there is an object in front of them and it is get like an obstacle. Bats like hunting in the dark because in the daytime they sleep all day and come out at night to hunt they like hunting insects to eat. some bat like to eat fruit and some bats eat insects and vampire bats like to eat blood of animals.

Try yelling in a cave and see if you can hear your echo, because that’s what mammals that utilize echolocation do. If certain mammals didn't have the capability to use this very distinctive process called echolocation, it would change their lives. They wouldn't be able to catch their prey.

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