Monday, May 26, 2014

Singing glass toothpick experiment

Names:Anisha and Shanika  
Title of experiment: Singing glass toothpick experiment

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out if the toothpick will move if the waters in the glasses are the same height and if the cups are far apart will the toothpick stay or fall in the water. Also we want to know if we put the cups apart and rub the top of it will the toothpick still move?.

Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
What we think will happen is that when we start to pour water into both of the glasses we should make that the water is equal between the two also we must make sure that both of the pitches sound the same by rubbing the top of the glass which then you will put the toothpick on the glass which you then will start to rub the top of the other glass which will vibrate to the other glass which then the toothpick will start to move around the glass.

How will we find out?
(Step by step)
To make this experiment you will need 2 glasses of cups,half a toothpick and water.So know you have everything to make this experiment I will tell you what to do next.First you grab both of the glasses which then you pour water into both of them but also make sure that there the same high then you dip your finger into the water which you then rub around both of the cups to see if they have the same pitch.Next you put the toothpick on the glass and start to rub the top of the other glass which the vibration will travel to the next cup which then the toothpick will start to move.

What actually happened?
Once we got the two cups of water and all ready watched the video me and my group put together the cups and each one of us got to have a turn by rubbing the top of the cup and putting the toothpick on the cup.When we had to rub the top of cup to make the toothpick move it was pretty hard to do because it really long for me and my group to get the hang of it but has we started to do it over and over again it started to work and that made it pretty cool to watch.So if you want to try it the do it because I’m sure that it will be really cool for you.

What did we learn?
We learn that if you break the toothpick it will move if it light so it can work so you do not put it in the water. We also learn if you get one glass and pull it with water and put the toothpick on and you dip your hand in the water the toothpick moves.  We also learn when you rum the top the water move so if you turn it the left the water copy what way you are going.

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