Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reading Sound waves

1. To make a sound something must ..... *
    • a) be hit
    • b) move slowly through the air
    • c) vibrate
    • d) jump up and down
2. Explain why sound vibrations are similar to when you throw a stone into a puddle of water.    
When you throw something in the water it makes vibration.                                                                     
3.What is the purpose of the graph?
    • to compare the pitches of what living things hear
    • To show the sounds that living things make
    • To show the pitches that living things make.
    • To compare types of living things.
4. People hear sounds in a range of about ____
    • 20 - 20 000 hertz
    • 10 - 50 000 hertz
    • 10 - 10 000 hertz
    • 20 - 20 000 hertz
5. Which of these can hear the highest pitch?
    • a) Dogs
    • b) People
    • c) Grasshoppers
    • d] Dolphins
6. Which of these can not hear the high pitched sound that people can hear?
    • a) Dogs
    • b) Grasshoppers
    • c) Dolphins
    • d) People
How does sound begin? (You also need to do some of your own research to write 2-3 sentences).
It begin with the upper cuts of the vibration. When you are making sound for example if someone is talking or if someone is sing the sound waves begin to start and that is vibration is it gos back and front   
Create an image of what sound waves might look like.
sound waves .png

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