Tuesday, April 15, 2014

polar bear

Polar bear’s like to live in Arctic because it is cold and nice for them. While in summer they sleep on the tundra. Most polar bears sleep for seven to eight hours at a stretch. Polar bear’s are special to me because they are white like all of my T-shirt. They like cold like me and their live in snow, I would like to see snow if I came see one because in New Zealand Auckland we don't get snow around but sometime I don't like it too.

The polar bear have thick fur so they live in Arctic and they fur keeps them warm and During. The fur is not heavy when the polar bear go for a swim and when they come out of the sea their fur is not heavy. Polar bears are mostly eating seals, they also eat Arctic foxes,reindeer, rodents, musk ox, fish, shellfish, eggs and seabirds such as gulls. They look like a big bear with a tink fur that is white and eye that are black.    

Did you know that polar bear’s can smell a seal a mile away under the snow. If seal’s can see a polar bear they got to dive into the Water and swim away so the polar bear want get them. They keep a lookout for ener polar bear’s that are swim in the water or eating a Arctic fox

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