Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Shift

Looking at the image on the front page and the title of the text, how do the two support one another?
I think it about someone leaving the country and that they will not see each other for a while.
Where were the family initially living, what do you think life was like living at such a place?
They were living on a sheep farm.
Where had the boys and mum moved to after his parents split up?
They moved in to the city because mum and dad just said that they both knew that it was over.
What is a council flat?
It is a Wellington for them to live in like a hotel.  
Do you think his little sister knew what was happening between mum and dad? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
I think she did know what was happening to mum and dad.
Why does it say “the morning we left when we were sitting in the car dad through the window and kissed all of us, even mum”?
Because the dad didn't want to let them go to live somewhere as.
For what reason would the young boy have cried? how did he deal with his emotions instead of crying?
The mum yelled at the little Kid s. She talled them to ” Shut up and sit back in your seats properly”.

Why was the new place in Wellington not too bad?
Wellington place had two bedroom Because mum and Cherie shared one room and Terei and I shared the other one.
What sound did the young boy even get used to while staying at his new place in Wellington?
He got ues to the rubbish truck waking them up at 6.30in the morning with its air brakes hissing
For what reason do you think it took the young boy a few weeks before he began to miss everything and the ways things were before?
He miss the farm, Snorky [my pet Kunikuni], Feeding the lambs, watching dad play rugby on Saturdays, and having a joke.
What does the word ‘miserable’ mean?
It mean horrible      
Why do you think mum was always checking up on the young boy after he cried and told her how upset he was?
The boy miss his dad because he miss his dad telling joke and just telling to him saying want are you doing today.

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