Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This week was Fia Fiaa cultural festival that happens every year but this year is
my last year because I am a year 8 student and I will be going to college when I
am a year 9. For fia fia I was in the maori and hawaiian hula girl’s groups. I
speak maori because it is my culture and for Hawaiian I liked to try something different this year. For maori I am doing 4 songs and in hawaiian I am doing 3 songs. Every Friday in the afternoon the maori group go into the hall to practice their 4 songs. But in hawaiian group every Thursday in the afternoon all the Pt england school goes to their practise. I was afraid that I would make it up on the day for fia fia. It felt I was going to be sick on the day but that meat I had let my whole group down or my stomach was just rambling because I think I was hungry like all the time    

It is the day of fia fia, after school I went home to get ready my dad was getting ready for the still at school he was cooking hot chips for $2 hot Dog’s for $2 drink for $1 steak or Bacon with onion roll for $5 and if you want an egg it is  for 50c. I arrived at school around about 3:30 and my dad was all ready sit up and all the other people were sit up too. As I was walking around the playground I saw my friend Quziyah and Raeleen playing on the big playground. I went to say “hi” to them and we went to my dad still and the ball went so that me’s that we have to go to kalahaku and get change in to our coels. I was jumping up and down with my friend because it was time to do the opening show for the fia fia. Once we got on the stage the first song we sing was na waka then hoea rā then Kiko kiko and for the late one was Powhiri mai. The one I like was Kiko kiko because all the girls did it with the pope and the people were cheering for as and when we have finnish our last song some people were doing the haka for as.    



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