Friday, October 10, 2014


For dinner I had pasta, pasta is a food made from flour, eggs, and water, that is made into shapes. There are all different types of pasta like
Tagliatelle (Ribbons)
Farfalle (bows)
Rigatoni (tubes)
fusilli (twists)
Conchiglie (shells)
But my favorite is the Spaghetti and we had that with mince so we call it spaghetti bologna.

In the spaghetti bologna we had to make it so you get two pots and so in the first pot you had to put in the mince. So once the mince was brown enough we had to put the potato past and a lot of can potato with little mushroom in the pot.

Once after 15 minis you put the pasta in the other pot you put hot boll water in pot and silt to and then you put in the pasta to cook for about 10 minis and then you stir it for about 1 minis,  So then once the spaghetti was cook you get the mince and then you are ready to eat spaghetti bologna.

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