Friday, October 17, 2014


It is a Friday morning on the 25 of july I look outside and the sun was sunning. My nana told me “that I had Physiotherapy” then I told her “what is Physiotherapy will for explain if you have a sore hip or a leg you have to do physiotherapy to help you wake and put sam want on our leg. The reason a doing physiotherapy is because of my hip.

I know what you guys are wondering what happened will I got my hip broke by playing netball. I do not know how I got it so my nana call the doctor and I had to go on a friday when the school holidays were starting but I had to go. So when we went to the doctor he side that I  had to get an xray of my hip. In two week time I had a letter that I had to go for my xray.

On a friday I was on my way to starship where all of the kids get hape of the doctor. when I arrived at starship I was so say that I may be sapping they all buy my sife. So as I wake in I fait so sorry for the people in starship, so I wake in the x ray room and I saw a big thing having for the foor. When the doctor took my x ray she said that I had to wait for the doctor to look at my x ray to see what was wearing with my hip.

When she came to see me about my hip she said “That I had to wait in the emergency room’ where all the people go to get check to see what wrong with them. So nana and I waited for 10 minutes and then the doctor said “That I am going to get accepted into starship so that means I got to sleep at starship” so then my nana when home to get me some close and something to play with. The doctor sent me to a bed where could can lay down and she said “That I had to lay but I could not walk but I could walk to the toilet and that I can eat because get in cause I have an operation on my hip”.

When the doctor went my grandad came back of work down the road. Then the doctor came back and said “we have got a bed for you so do you want to go by bed or a wheelchair” so I chose the wheelchair so the doctor can not bring me up in a bed. When I got to my room and the doctor said “ You are aloud to eat because the people doing our operation was it ready for our operation so you are aloud to eat”. Then my nan rang my dad to get me something to eat like KFC and I know that KFC is not good but my nan wanted it.

Then after 30 mins my dad came with the KFC I was so excited that I am aloud to eat because when I was waiting in the emergency room I can’t eat for 6 hours and 30 minutes. But when my dad gave me the KFC the doctor move me into a another room get down the hill because my nan could not sleep on the floor so the doctor round a bed for her. In the room was a baby and the baby mum, her mum lived in G.I to so we all became friends and I we starting to eat my KFC but it was not that good but I eat it anyway. I was aloud to eat until midnight so the doctor can do my operation.

It was the day on th26 of saturday, of my operation I was so nervous that I was shaking and crying too. In a few hours I was going to get my operation was in the few hours so in those few hours I was playing with my tablet, my favorite game we subway surfer. Subway surfer is an game endless game that go on and on my high score was 13435. When I was bored I lessened to some music, my favorite song is let it go, I will alway love you, LA boyz, Count on me, Someone like you, Party in the U.S.A and I believe I can fly. Once I lessened to the music it was time for my operation so nana and I went to the operation room in there was 5 doctor and I was starting to cry and hope that I will be OK. As the doctor put me to sleep my nan was holding my hand because she was able aloud to put me to sleep and then she had to go, I got off to sleep and then I did know what happened next.

As I started to wake up I was in the operation room and I saw my Dad, my dads girlfriend, Grandma, Nana and my anet Alamanda . The doctor came to check on me to see if I was sore or Perhaps and then she gave me an ice block because the thing that put me to sleep was still in me so I had to eat something that is small so I came have little bit so I want throw up or a drink. Then I had to go back to my room so I can have a paper sleep. I had to start at starship for 5 day so in the 5 day I was learning how to youre the cracks and the wheelchair.

The one who was helping me was a physiotherapy she was a big help to me. She took me to a physiotherapy room on level 3, how did you get up they you guys mat woulding how I got up so they was two people to get me some chach and a wheelchair and then one girl was writing on a paper to put on the wheelchair so if someone come and take it they would know were to bring it back. So any way the physiotherapy took me up and and the room was so cool they was a lot of cool thing like gym tools a big ball and two rounds to hold people up to lern had to do the cracks and some sites where people can learn how to walk and learn how to giap with the cracks. So after physiotherapy I went home.

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