Monday, March 24, 2014

The Malaysia airlines plane is missing

Paragraph 1:Most important point
The search for the missing plane was flying from Malaysia  Lumpur to Beijing. The plane has not been seen 8th of March. Planes and 42 ships across Asia has been looking for the Malaysian airline. Malaysia’s west coast to the Andaman sea.
Paragraph 2: Next most important point
They there over 239 people on the plane and two Airlines on board, all airline staff or ground crew with links to the flight or its pilots are also including some who work on the Kuala Lumpur to Auckland.
Paragraph 3: Next most important point
They are idea where the plane could be in the sea or in a safe place where no one know. I like it is at the bottom of the sea where the plane could led.
Paragraph 4: Least important point
The plane has stop working so it fall from the sky on Saturday morning.But the plane was find in the bottom of the sea in the in the Indian sea. The plane was at the bottom of the sea 35,000lm.

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