Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country Race

Every day I was training for my Cross Country Race. Rooms 13,14,15.16 and 17 went for a long long run down to the beach and back to Pt England school. We went two times.  At the end of training we did stretches. Miss Garden did stretches with us and we copied Miss Garden doing  stretches.

On Friday last week it was time for our cross country race. I was nervous. The year 6 girls walked to the changing sheds to start the race. Mr Burt said, “Ready set go!.”
I went along the path I was jogging. The other girls was sprinting. We went past the bridges and across the creeks. I saw a teacher. She said ,”Go boys and girls you can do it.” I had a stitch but I still kept running. It went away about 6 minutes later. One of the boys slipped down and he nearly fell in the creek but he climbed up. I was nearly at the finish line. It was muddy when I got to the finish.

At the end I was tired and happy that I  had finished the race.

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